Sunday, March 7, 2010

Experience of Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya !!!

Last weekend was a fantastic one since i had the opportunity to catch with my best friend/well wisher. We had a long chat and just thought of watching the movie VTV.

This movie had much expectations even before getting released since it had many firsts - ARR'S first musical after Oscar, Gautham and Simbu combination etc., I have a great regard for Gautham's movies especially after Kakha Kakha. I am also a great fan of Tamarai's lyrics -Right from Samrat Ashoka. Hence the prospect of watching this movie with my friend was exciting. Just to be frank, i wonder why people are crazy about this movie. My friends say - it is very romantic, My Cousin says - Love at its best, but i didn't find it worth the money. The reason being - the screenpay was slow paced, Gautham has lost himself in between and forgot what he intented to convey. You can view it once for ARR's classical music esp the re-recording (the romance lies only there and not in the movie), Trisha is looking good and the cinematography is awesome. Gautham could have done better !

Ok.. Since i have commented on this film not being worth the hype,i would like to ponder over some movies that left an impression on me. Mouna Ragam - That is what i would term as 'Love at its BEST'. Bommalattam - Sometimes i really feel Good movies don't get their due credit and this is one classic example. This movie had everything in it - especially Nana Patekar's acting. When he says -"I am not an eccentric, i am a perfectionist" - Awesome. That is the director's touch. Virumandi - A classic movie and the song, "Unna vida" takes you to heaven.

Lets hope Gautham gets back into his form soon !


  1. Hi Lavanya,

    As u said ARR rocks in this film..
    Especially I like the song "Yen... Idhayam.."


  2. Appreciate the glittering graphics banner atop LoveLavs. I have shared about it here: