Sunday, March 7, 2010

A miss is as good as a mile

There are times when we feel the real meaning of the afore mentioned proverb. This is one more occassion, i have realised this.

When we have goodness around us, we fail to enjoy and when we lose it - we regret. This incident is about a leader who moves away from us but not departing from our heart.
When we had him around, we had a hell lot of fun. We love to pull his legs and he would always have a fitting reply for anything and everything.
There are times, he had mentoring sessions to mentor us into Great leaders. Not sure whether we have taken away anything from those sesions, but once you sit and realise you would get to know the inner meaning.

There had been one more leader - Sudhir, who is my role-model and he is not with my current organisation. Even today, we feel him. That is the impression a Great Leader like Sudhir leaves.

Would share their thoughts separately in the forthcoming posts, since i would like to narrate and cherish them.

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