Friday, March 12, 2010

Salute the Josh !!!

Today we had a talent hunt competition. My team has given my name in group singing category and then informed that :) I am not that good a singer, still.. when your team/friend says you can't say No :)

Preparations :
We (5 member team) thought that it should not be the usual style of singing either a melody / motivational / spiritual song. It should be a mix - Medley.

We sat and started discussion the combinations, how it should start, end, where can we take from - either the start of a particular song/ middle stanzas, the lyrics etc., The toughest part was we had so many beautiful songs, but could not fit them into the rhythm. Also it involved lots of decision making - melody/kuththu songs/romantic etc.,. Finally we decided it should start with a spiritual melody, then mild increase in pace, then faster kuththu songs, slow down the tempo and then end with a high pitch.. So it was like a yo-yo!

Practice session :

We finally drew up the list, started practising. I should mention my whole teams (around 30 members) enthusiasm here. All were excited as if they were going to sing. They gave so many ideas and patiently listened to our practice session. Gave suggestions on improvement.

The D-Day:

We had 10 participants from each stream - dancing, singing, skit. One prize in each stream. Tough competition.

We were the seventh team to perform and were very excited. Our turn finally came and there are no words to describe the way we sung. It might not be the perfect raaga or rhythmn that matters.. All that mattered was the josh, the liveliness we had when we sung.. The team performed with so much of enjoyment, enjoyed each and every lyric and sung. Till that point of time, the audience were sombre, but when the tempo increased, they started dancing, singing together. They enjoyed to the core. That's enough, more than enough than the award.

Cloud Nine:

The results were announced a few days later and we have grabbed the prize in singing. When the mail came, my whole team were elated. We all were in cloud nine. Started congratulating each other. (I took them for a treat and that turned out to be wallet blaster, but thats fun :) )
We all were invited for the awards function and our Biggest boss presented the awards! It was indeed a real honour coz he is such a gr8 man.

One small event can show you / teach you so many things/facets of life. The team work, decision making skills of your subords, their love and affection towards you and your achievements, colleagues support and enthusiasm and above all the love for the team.

Friends, i am proud to be a part of such a wonderful team.

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