Sunday, April 4, 2010

Angadi Theru !!!

Quite a movie.. We sit in the luxury of air conditioned rooms, with so much of freedom at work, earning thousands and living a sophisticated life. We make hue and cry about the office atmosphere, about our boss/colleagues.

We have lots of take away from this movie. This movie cannot be set aside as an exaggerated version. It is happening around us, fortunately not to us. There are people in this society working very hard to earn a few hundreds. Since our parents have given us good education, we get job in a good company, start earning thousands. We never ever sit back and realise the worth of money and the job we have ben doing to earn it.

I had been to Manali recently. We visited Rohtang pass. The road to the pass was very narrow and steep. It took long hours to reach the peak. The drivers there are experts and hence we could enjoy the scenic beauty and return safe and sound. I was just wondering about these tourist cab drivers and the hardship they face to earn their living. Then came the interesting part of the journey.
On our way to the pass, i noticed few tankers passing by. I was curious to know, where they are heading up to. Our driver Pinku, informed us that they are travelling to Ladakh. They have to cross three such peaks like Rohtang pass to reach Ladakh. There are no stoppage points since the route is narrow. The drivers would take turns and drive even during night. I was terrified !!! The narrow route, the cold climate, no stoppages/rest, darkness.. My God.. I would not have taken such a risk in my life, even if i had been given one crore rupees.. But someone has to do the job and these people are doing it daily. That instant, i immediately thanked God for having given me a wonderful life !!!
There are many such jobs, which we would not dare to undertake even if we have been offered a lumpsum. There are also pathetic scenarios like the Angadi Theru jobs.. Be grateful for what we have now, because there are lots and lots of people who don't even have basic needs of life. Thank God daily for what He has given us and feel wonderful in being like this !!! Life is too beautiful, Enjoy and cherish every single moment :)


  1. எந்த வேலையும் இழிவு அல்ல, உழைக்க மறுத்தும், குறுக்குவழியைத் தேர்ந்தெடுத்தும், அடுத்தவன் ரத்ததினை சுரண்டி உறிஞ்சி வாழ்வது தான் மகா அயோக்கியத்தனம்.

    நமது நிறுவனங்களிலேய நான் காணும் காட்சி. பெருக்கி சுத்தம் செய்பவர்களை கண்டால் சில ஜென்மங்கள் இன்னும் வேலை வாங்கும். அதே தனது மேலாளர் வரும்போது இன்னும் கை கட்டி வாய் பொத்தி, தனுராசனம் கூட செய்யும். இவைகளை கண்டாலே எனக்கு கோபம் தலை உச்சிக்கு மேல் ஏறி விடுகிறது. என்ன செய்வது. இது போன்று நாதரிகளையும் அந்த இறைவன் படைத்துத் தொலைத்துவிட்டான்.

    லாவண்யா: நல்லதொரு சமூக கருத்தினை பகிர்ந்து கொண்டதக்கு மிக்க நன்றி. தொடர்க உனது சமூக பணி வலைப்பதிவின் வாயிலாக.

  2. >>drive eben during night
    Did you mean "drive even during night"?

  3. Yep.. Apologies. Thank you sir, for bringing this to my notice :)
    Happy blogging!