Thursday, May 20, 2010

Overcoming disasters

Sometimes we pass through the worst phase of life. We can't run out and try to escape from them. We have to face it, thrash it and overcome..

I have seen some friends of mine collapsing due to such bugs.. Everyone has problems in life and it is always
Survival of the Fittest

I do agree that we often get demotivated and fall into the trap of self-sympathy. My trainer Andrew used to say - "Do not ever fall into the trap of Self-sympathy. That is the worst thing in your life".

How to keep ourselves motivated and sail smoothly through these rough tides.. I practice the following personally.. Might be useful for you too :)

If it is a momentary anger - Deep breath

Frustrated because of some happenings - I would go to my favorite food stall and have my favorite dish.. Alone.. I love my own company and i also do self talking(mentally and not aloud :)), try to analyse things, find out a solution and come out.. This has worked many times. Henceforth if you see me eating alone at Barista / Balaji Bhavan / Icecream parlor , this would be the prime reason :)

Hurt - I am a bit emotional and obviously i have to bear emotional let-downs. Soul-stirring music is my choice. My best collection for this time is Bee Gees album.. Maestro's How to name it, Mohan instrumentals, Renga devotional songs.
Eventhen, i am put-out - I go for books. They let me discover myself.

Some other ways are :
Having a glimpse of My Renga (Srirangam)
If i need confidence, i will visit Tirupathi
Playing with kids
Being with my parents
Telling things to my understanding brother. I never let-out myself to anyone else.
I have very few close friends. Chatting with them (on general topics) is a good relief.
Reciting Tirupavai.. Brings whole lot of vibration
Taking a break and going to scenic places like - Kerala, Valparai, Pollachi etc.,

There are ways to be happy and this life is very precious. Let us enjoy each and every moment of it. " A Winner never Quits and A Quitter never Wins".

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