Friday, June 18, 2010

Moving performance by Alka Ajith

Generally i do not follow any TV programmes, but i have been watching this SSJ regularly for quite sometime. Yesterdays's grand finale was definitely the pinnacle for this show.

All the 5 kids performed amazingly well and i was totally moved by Alka's "Singaravelane Deva". You can watch it here

Very challenging song,but she rendered it with such a grace and elegance. Unknowingly i felt tears rolling down my cheeks.. started clapping madly forgetting that i was watching it in a television.. Wonderful..

There had been so many mud slinging at Vijay stating that they did injustice to Srinisha and Priyanka. Might be or might not be true, but Alka deserved the crown. That one song proved that lil one's ability and the standing ovation by the whole music fraternity and audience goes on to prove the fact..

God bless the little ones !!!

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