Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rules of the Road

Generally rules have been framed to facilitate everybody. As citizens, we all are part of law making and should abide by it.

The need for this topic is because of the crazy driving. We have seen people (including ourselves) violating traffic rules - knowingly / unknowingly.

Just to throw some light on what we do often and how it might affect others :

Not slowing down and stopping when the signal is yellow. The impact is, even if i stop, the vehicle behind me will try to overtake thereby pushing me down. So please slow down and stop when the signal is yellow.
(Failure to observe the rule of the road (Rule 37(i) read with Sec. 177 M.V. Act))

Women wearing duppatas need to take extra care while driving.
Also when you are sitting at the back, ensure that your duppata/ tops does not cover the indicator / stop lights at the back. - I have often been in a chaos wondering whether he/she is going to stop / turn, coz i would not be able to see the indicators.

Using high power bulbs. Generally we would not be able to keep our eyes open when there is over brightness. When a vehicle comes in the opposite direction with high powered / flashy bulbs, we tend to close our eyes.. Fashion / trendy for them and End of life for us :(
Using dazzling lights (Rule 405 read with Sec. 197, M.V. Act).

I have often seen auto-drivers of very less age / mechanic shop labourers (could be 13/14 years, no more than that), driving rashly. Not sure whether they are aware of the rules - Driving without valid Driving Licence (See. 3 rd with Sec. 181, Motor Vehicle Act).
Driving at Speeds that exceed limits (Sec. 183, M.V.Act)
Rash driving (Sec. 184, M.V. Act).

Sometimes the vehicle moving in front of you emits untolerable smoke causing you to turn your head / limiting your vision / making you to cough badly. Wonder whether they have the proper pollution control certificate.
Vehicle emitting excess smoke (Rule 115 (I) C.M.V. Rule).

As Vivek says in one of his jokes, it is still a mystery why some people turn left having right indicators on or vice-versa.
Failure to give proper signals (Sec. 121 read with Sec. 117, M.V.Act).

It might be just your life for you / you can afford to end your life, but for the other person - entire family is awaiting them. Please look it from their perspective.

God has given this precious life to achieve many things and to enjoy everything. Hence please don't waste !!! Live and Let live...

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