Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Wonderful Friends - My Dad

My Dad is the right person to begin this series with !

His name is Sreedharan and he is the most wonderful person in the world i have ever seen. He is my role-model, mentor and everything in the world.

He has got lots and lots of potential. He can talk hours together on any subject. He has got such a vast knowledge and experience in life.
Nobody can compete with him in his energy levels. Amazing. Tell him something, he would not sleep without getting that done.Imagine, he is sixty years now :) Can't believe it Dad ! You are awesome !!!!!!!

Moving with people - My God ! Talk with him for five minutes, then you would be singing his praises. Especially kids love him a lot.

Humanity - He can never digest people suffering. He will give whatever he has to bring them out of trouble. Sometimes it boomerangs (Many have cheated him with sugar coated words), but then "Sathyameva Jayathe"

Love - The love he showers on his dear ones, you can't put it in words. He would do anything for us. Dad, i am nowhere without you. You are wonderful and i love you forever !!!!!!!!!

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