Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Wonderful Friends - Naga

I have to have a separate post for my sweet friend Nagarajan. He is affectionately known as Naga.

We both joined together in our current organisation and we had been friends for 4 years now. Till this date, we have never even had a small mis-understanding. Whatever i think, he would say/do and whatever he thinks i would say/do.

His beautiful tamil slang attracts everyone and there cannot be anyone who dislikes Naga. He is a technical expert and he helps eveyone without expecting anything in return. Not even an appreciation email. Its very hard to find a person like Naga, who does not run behind credit ! This world is filled with many people who steal others credit and Naga is a true gem.

I generally assess people very carefully before entering into friendship. He manages my bank accounts and he knows everything about me.. That is his credit-worthiness!

Very very practical. Whatever the issue may be, he would handle it beautifully with a cool head. He had been a mentor for many of our colleagues and without his advice they would have been fired for their behaviour.

Caring. The meaning of caring should be known from him. When i was new to the place and all alone, he had been the supporting factor. He frightens my fright :)

Exraordinary humor sense and presence of mind. With him, you can be lively throughout the day.

I have a staunch belief in his words and always turn to Naga for words of wisdom. My life would have been chaotic without his presence. Thanks to the Almighty for showing me the precious gem !

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