Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Wonderful Friends - Sudhir

Sudhir was my Manager for almost 15 months. When he had been a manager, i had lots to learn from him.

He had been the driving force behind me joining this concern. I was in a government job and it took all my courage and confidence to join a private concern. The way he approached during the interview created a positive impact about the organisation and i was all set to work under him :)

Per Sudhir, Customer is the King. Whenever we had issues, he would be there to guide us and take us through. Nothing had been a big deal for him. He would do extraordinary launches just like that.

The best Quality in him was his humanity. Once when we had a general topic session, a question was thrown to Sudhir "What would you like to be?" The group expected answers like - "CEO, CFO, MD etc.," He simply said - " I want to be a good human being". And they were not just words. He lived up to his words! Even today, after 3 years, we remember him for his humanity and leadership.

An excellent leader, always energetic. You should see him walking.. That brisk walk and smiling electric eyes, would energise you for a lifetime.

Having said all these, dont expect him to be grand and showy. He is a very simple man with love and respect for his family. The respect he shows towards his parents is worth mentioning. We have seen posts in my other blogs about passionate sons disowning their wife and kids. We have lots to learn from Sudhir. He respects his parents and at the same time, he loves his wife and kids too!

He is my mentor/friend/everything you can think of ! His words had taken me through my tough times and i owe him a lot. Whenever i feel pissed off with life, his emails are the ones i go to. Thank you Sudhir, for being with me throughout. We have a long way to go and i am lucky to have you !

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