Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Raavanan - Review

I am a big fan of Manirathnam and i have been planning to watch this movie for quite sometime. Due to some domestic issues, my plan materialised only on Sunday.

I have loved Mani's work throughout. My initial feeling after the movie was to look on the director's name once again. Was it Manirathnam or some other name or have these guys done some gimmicks with the name ? It was a total disappointment.

First and foremost of all, was there a story line? If yes, it was the usual sentimental nonsense of brother taking revenge for sis and Mani is not the one to get into these sort of idiocracy.

Next, was there a coherent expression of scenes and was there any clarity?

Third, why has Mani indulged in cheap romance? Till last moment (even now), i could not figure out whom does Aishwarya love? She swoons over her husband Dev (Prithvi), but says to Vikram at the end that she will live there. She also gives that sexy and longing look to Vikram and tries to save him, when he falls from the rock. Mani, why? Whats up with you? We need Mani for his story telling and directorial abilities. We dont want cheap love / some seductive heroines to make it a commercial hit. Awkward Mani !

Then comes the dialogue. Its highly unfortunate that Mani and Shankar have lost their comrade Sujatha. Dialogues in the movie are far from the standards expected in Mani's movie.

One admirable thing is the songs / BGM / Lyrics. Other than that, it is a waste of money. Sorry Mani.. U could have definitely done better !

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  1. "was there a coherent expression of scenes and was there any clarity?"

    I felt the same too. Especially the first half. I thought the scenes did not gel at all.