Friday, August 20, 2010

My Alto !!!

I am glad to share with you all that i have become a proud owner of Maruti Alto :) Might not sound a great news for many but i see this as another milestone in my life ! When i turn back the pages of my life, this is a splendid achievement.. My heartfelt thanks to my Dad and Mom for getting me to this position and for making me what i am today. I owe you everything !

The car was delivered yesterday and our first trip was to Samayapuram temple. Today i had a feel of the car when i started driving, fantastic car.. Good Choice babe !! I am currently undergoing driving classes and my guru is a superb driver who is an old friend of my Dad. Hope i would master this art soon.

I have a craze for Jewel Violet Fiesta (Indian version) and had been eyeing on it for quite a while. The prime reason was - My Sudhir had been driving that car :)The car literally spoke to him, did whatever he said and he is a master.. Amazing driving..
Let me master Alto now, but my goal is Jewel Violet Fiesta..

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