Monday, August 2, 2010

My Wonderful friends - Baskaran

If i don't write about my Baski, this series would not be complete. He has brought in a paradigm shift to my life and i owe him a lot.

My motivating factor, the person who makes me laugh, makes me feel worth living - is my dear Baski..

He is a station manager at a Major junction. I met him 11 years back as a teenager frightened by the new work life. Initially he added up to my fright and was like a Devil. Slowly we started getting together and we have never worked together. My friends worked under him and they used to tell devilish stories about him in the night :)

He is 50+, but very strong and majestic. One man i have seen without even a mild flirtation. Strong ethical values. Started getting to know each other, shared moments of fun, had same spiritual thoughts..

Whenever i am upset or down with something, i would get a call from Baski. I really dont know, how he gets the signal of my desperation. He is one man who adores me, always says that i am exceptional.. Its not just because of that i like him, he is a great human being. Struggles for the welfare of employees and even if they ditch him, he would support them ! Incomparable devil !!!!!!

Without Baski, i would have broken down on a few occasions and God always knows whom to tie you up with ! Thanks a lot my sweet Renga, for showing me the treasures of life. I see you in Baski !!!

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