Monday, August 2, 2010

My Wonderful friends - Doctor Ji

He is Dr.Venkatesan and i call him as Doctorji.

He is 50+, but he never looks his age. Very active, highly energetic, always smiling (kovam vantha ratchasan)and above all a very good doc ! I was wondering why they compare a doc to the Almighty. After meeting him all those doubts vanished.

I was introduced to him 8 years back, by our mutual friend Prakash. From then on he became a vital part of my world. At that point of time, i was facing a bad phase of my life and doctorji was my boosting factor. My beloved dad had to undergo a surgery (so was i told by an idiot doc). Even though it was said to be a simple surgery, i was panic-stricken. Doctorji came to my rescue, did a complete check-up and cured him through tablets without puncturing my sweet dad. Obviously one more reason to celebrate my doc.

We have shared many things in our lives and we never had that generation gap between us. We are very close friends.

To know the real meaning of "Give", we have to undergo a tutorial session with him. He always gives, gives and gives to his family, friends and relatives without expecting anything in return.

A person with surmounting pressures from all corners,he laughs like a child, carries on other businesses too, helps his friends in need, writes poems and articles, travels a lot.. We talk about Time Management and keep talking. :)

Wonderful person, A real Gem and a cut above all. Love you Doc !!!!!

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