Monday, August 2, 2010

My Wonderful Friends - Kanchana

My pet name for her is Kanch. My darling friend. We did our Junior college together, then joined the same organisation. I have quit the organisation after serving for 6 years and she is there..

We always have a tough competition when it comes to studies, but we are very close at heart. Might be because of the fact that we both are number two. It would be truly amazing when she exactly spells out my thoughts. We have explored a lot together, have had lots of fun. She is very very possessive on me and have had some tussles, but she is my sweetheart.

The way she had come up in her life handling so many responsibilities at a very small age, my God.. Awesome character. She is my motivating factor and i am hers !

I can write pages and pages about her. The way she conducted herself at the age of fifteen, no words to explain. She was so matured, made the right decisions, stayed away from the wrong people and protected me as well. Truly splendid ! Miss u Kanch !!!

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