Monday, August 2, 2010

My Wonderful Friends - Nara

Nara - My lovable friend. He is my senior in our current organisation and before we got introduced, the team in which he worked was a terror team, meaning work, work and work. All were middle-aged people and hence i started to think whether these guys have humor sense or not.. As if to clear all these clouds, i had an opportunity to travel with Nara to US.

Eventhough we had two other members travelling with us, we got a bit closer because we had the same wavelength and also we were the cooks. Nara - Chef and myself - support function :)

As days went by, Nara had become an integral part of my life at office. When you desperately need someone to listen to you, he would be there always for you ! Such an amazing patience.

He has superb knowledge in various fields and we call him affectionately as Nara Consulting Services (NCS). Whatever you have in your mind, go to him - he will guide you. Buying a car, printer not working, recipe for sambar podi, location for a flat, gardening, Community development, process improvement, breeding hens, cost saving measures.. One stop solution - Nara. One good Quality about him is - he will never show-off and would never run behind fame !

Very good sense of humor and presence of mind. Manytimes i have laughed with tears in my eyes. Cool as a cucumber. If i had his pressures, i dont know what i would have done.

Very caring and affectionate. He is my brother, friend, guide and everything. My lovable friend whom i can never forget in my lifetime.

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