Saturday, August 21, 2010

Skill set !!!

Puzzled about the topic ?? Ha ha.. It has nothing to do with corporate funda.. Just about my skill set matrix in driving. Driving seemed to be an easy and fun task, but not now ! Oh My God, clutch, brake, gear, accelerator.. simultaneous operation..Oops. All other aspects of driving like steering the vehicle, changing gears, left/right turns, horn, indicator etc., had been pretty easy, but the initial part of it - starting the vehicle - clutch should be released and accelerator should be operated simultaneously in a smoother fashion.. That is the toughest part.. Oh my God.. My brain does not obey my command. It releases clutch, but forgets to accelerate or gives little higher acceleration (My Dad roars from behind).. Ha ha.. Initial days.. Some fun.. Hope i would get accustomed to this soon.

It just reminded me of my initial days with system. My colleagues were changing screens left right center. I was wondering how they had been able to do it so fast! Then they taught me the magic of Alt+Tab. Initially i had hard time pressing it together, especially Alt+Shift+Tab..
Now that's a cake-walk. Without Alt+Tab you cannot survive :) Yes, time for me to improve my skill set matrix in four wheeler driving !

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