Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Gokulashtami !!!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Gokulashtami!!!

Just had a sumptuous meal with all sweets and savories. Nobody can beat Mom's preparation. Uppu seedai, vella seedai, Thattai, Murukku, Appam, Vadai, Sukku podi, Navaneetham, Ellu podi.. Sarvam Krishnarpanam !

Pity those in foreign countries and having Pizzas on such wonderful occassion. I would really miss such festivals and the plans, preparations and celebrations that go with it. The joy of preparing these savories, putting beautiful makkolam and krishnar padham, singing Bhajans, neivedhyam, distributing sweets to neighbours and the whole family sitting and enjoying the meal.. Nothing can equalise this !

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