Sunday, October 31, 2010

Charity begins at home..

Why suddenly some serious topic ?? No guys, this is not a serious blog..You know me better na..

My friend is a fan of T.T.Rangarajan and i am a subscriber of Frozen Thoughts (would write about Frozen Thoughts in my Book Review soon).I love TTR's writing and i happened to see the info that there is a live webcast of TTR on Sundays, from 06.15 - 09 AM (till 13th Feb). I informed about this to my friend and kept alarm at 06 am and went to sleep. I have viewed shorter versions of his lectures in youtube and was curious to attend this session..

I should also tell you about my love for sleep :) I enjoy afternoon naps, love to sleep late on weekends.. Whenever it rains, i love to cover myself fully in the blanket, curl like a kitten and sleep for some more time.. Daily when the alarm rings, i would snooze it and say to myself, ten more minutes.. it would extend to half-an-hour and then i need to rush for office.. I can hear you guys uttering 'indisciplined, spoiled brat'.. Sorry, i have a weakness for this..

I am a fan of Robin Sharma's writing and he emphasises on the importance of rising up early and making that as an habit.. My Guruji Shri Shri also says the same.

Ok, now coming back to the topic, i missed today's sesion.. Woke up late and the session was over. My friend called me, he had missed it by ten minutes due to some household chores and was curious to know what happened in those first ten minutes.. :) I felt guilty.. told him that i slept and hence could not attend the session.. He told me just this "charity begins at home" and started discussing something else.

Hmmm.. Lavs it's high time you practised the habit of getting up early :)


  1. :-)

    Well, After having a glance of few other postings, I zeroed on this one seeing the title and guessed a bit what it could be about before started reading.....!!

    Hmmm..... though you have NOT been a serious blogger (as you have claimed), you have triggered me again on a serious posting !! YES, watch out a musings on the same subject before EoW.


  2. Ha ha.. good to know that my musings (our musings ??) has triggered your musings :) Awaiting !!!!