Sunday, October 10, 2010

Endhiran Review

Watched Endhiran with my friends..

Amazing graphics.. all glittery work.. Good attempt in Tamil, Rajni's efforts are visible. All in all it is Chitti who dominates the show..Kudos to Shankar for planning each and every scene minutely and there is no boredom at any point of time. Good editing, beautiful music.. Beautiful cars throughout the movie - Audi, Mercedes..Appreciate Kalanithi for his marketing tactics. Without such a hype, you would not have got your money back, but it is definitely worth watching once.

I could not understand why Santhanam and Karunas have been roped in the movie. They dont have any part to play. Aish looks older and she too just comes and goes, nothing much for her too..As usual Sujatha's dialogues are awesome, but it is clearly visible that the second half is written by someone else.. That sharpness in dialogues and timing humour is missing. Last ten minutes is not that good, konjam violence javvu.. My friends got bad headache..Combination of english movies like terminator, Mask, Matrix, but way to go...

We can watch once for Shankar and his crew's hardwork, Kalanithi's hope in this project and marketing, ARR's music, Vairmauthu's hardwork in writing apt lyrics.
Please do not expect any story line :)

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