Thursday, October 21, 2010

Joy of Cooking

So far i have had the luxury of enjoying someone else's (mom / bro / dad)cooking.. I would just help in other chores and recently i have been made to cook :)

I have little experience, but i am not a full-fledged cook. So why this post.. Just to share my joy with you..

Generally girls love to cook for their loved ones and i am experiencing it now..We take so much care / perfection, just to see that one look of happiness in their eyes.. If the eyes say the cooking is perfect, heart leaps out of joy.

I have also observed that when we cook for ourselves (for me alone), that pleasure in cooking is not there and also the food would not go in as it does when you enjoy a meal with your loved one sitting next to you ! (Caught your mind voice..Not because the food is bad, but eating alone is horrible.. I am a pretty decent cook yaar, come on.. You ought to believe me :) )

Also cooking brings in so much of perfection and orderliness in your life. Yes, it does! Who said multitasking is essential for corporates ?? It is vital for a home-maker. Planning and execution, doing so many other tasks and also simultaneously having an eye on the pan.. Limited time man.. You need to clean up the dishes as and when the cooking is done, put back the items taken in its place (5S yaar!).. My aunt used to say "If someone enters after you are done with the cooking, they should not see any traces of your cooking.. Should be pucca clean"..Yep, i love that..

Now i clearly understand the joy that sets in my mom's eyes when my dad/myself give a satisfactory nod for her wonderful cooking :)

Life is a continuous learning process and we keep learning something very important even in the small activities we do !!! God is great !!!

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