Monday, October 4, 2010

New Life , New Hope !!!

Moved to an entirely different environment. New relationships,new place, new hopes..

My life had been full of challenges, it had never been a bed of Roses..So this change in scene is also good to me !

This is what keeps me going in turbulent times :

God always gives challenges to people who can face them and overcome. I am lucky to be the one chosen by Him for posing such challenges !!!

Arthur Ashe, legendary tennis player, contracted HIV during the blood transfusions he had received during his second heart surgery.
When he received a letter from a fan which conveyed:”Why did God have to select you for such a bad disease?” Ashe replied: "Listen. 50 million children around the world start playing tennis. 5 million learn to play tennis. 500,000 learn professional tennis. 50,000 come to the circuit. 5000 reach The Grand Slam. 50 reach Wimbledon. 8 reach the Quarterfinals. 4 to the Semifinals. 2 to the Finals. When i was holding the Cup i never asked God: Why me? So why now in pain should I be asking Him: WHY ME?

Yes, God knows better and He is doing things for our best and i believe this change would mould me to an even more better human being !

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