Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Shopping

OMG !! was the feeling when i went shopping last Sunday. I know for sure that Sunday's are not the ideal day for shopping, but still out of necessity i had to go !

But then things never turn out to be the same what you thought.. Then there's no thrill in life right !!

We went in Pulsar.. Somehow i am not comfortable with these biggies - Apache, Pulsar etc., but it was a thrilling ride.

The shop was crowded as usual. The joy of selecting for someone is superb ! The delighted feeling in their eyes, when they have a first look of it is awesome..

The most enjoyable part of shopping is observing people. When we hold a dress and see, we might not like it, but when others have a look at it or just ask "can we have this?", OMG.. the answer would be "Sorry, i have already selected this" (Frankly speaking we would have thought of leaving the dress and selecting something else). The manner in which the salesman try to convince their customers "Ithu ungalukku super a irukkum madam, puthu design, nalla move aguthu, Nayanthara kuda Boss engira Baskaran la katti irunthanga(Infact she would have never worn a saree in that movie), neenga kattina ellarum ungalaye than papanga"... Need to learn a lot of these convincing skills from them (an useful skill-set for corporates)

The questions asked by some customers "intha sareela pallu nalla iruku, intha saree la designs nalla irukku, intha saree la color nalla iruku, can i have a combination of these three please?".. ayyo nan intha vilayatukku varala.

When he went for settling the bill, i stood in a corner and started to stare at people :) I saw a middle-aged woman who was more than 6.3 foot tall. I was wondering how her husband would be like ! To my surprise, he came towards her after settling the bill and he was taller than her by at least 0.5 foot. She looked petite before him :)

We started by 09pm and there was less traffic in the outskirts. Beautiful breeze (combined with my lovely jathipoo fragrance.. I love that fragrance), moon travelled with us and i was able to enjoy the moon throughout the journey.. Suddenly i don't know what went thru my mind, started reciting rhymes :) 1 2 3 4 5, once i got a fish alive, Baa Baa black sheep, Mary had a little lamb.. It took me back to my childhood.

So end of the day the dreadful thought of Sunday Shopping turned out to be a wonderful time! Life is not as we think, God knows the best ! I have felt that so many times.. The temple (Srirangam Renga) would be much crowded and i would be wondering how i am going to get a peaceful Darshan, but He will show me the way and i would have peaceful darshan for some precious minutes with Him, with tears rolling down my cheeks.. That's My Renga :)

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