Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sweet Memories

Today when i was walking down the lane, i saw some Badam fruits lying in the ground.. The badam tree was huge and it had beautiful dark rose badam fruits and it was scattered all around the tree, on the roads.. It reminded me of my school days..

When i was 7/8 years old, we had a very big badam tree in our school ground. we used to collect all those scattered badam fruits.. Rose color would be very sweet and tasty. We had a competition amongst us to collect them and later we would sit in a circle, eat the fleshy rose portion and then break the shell and eat the tasty nut..

Sequence of thoughts led to my schooling days, the happiest moments in my life..My teachers, my friends, school competitions.. My mom's teaching, playing road side cricket and getting scolding from neighbours :), Researchngra perla nan, Nivi and my bro adicha koothu, Police games played with Sundar, Hanuman Srinath,happy holidays with cousins, settu kadai pani poori.. So much.. Missing them all.

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