Sunday, October 31, 2010

Thotta Chinungi - Review

Thotta Chinungi movie was telecasted today and it further added to the beauty of this Blissful Sunday.

The movie, beautifully directed by K.S.Adhiyaman, revolves around a very possessive and suspicious husband (Raghuvaran) who mistakes his wife's (Revathi) friendship with Mano (Karthik), a popular singer. He later realises his mistake about their relationship. Raguvaran's reaction to the midnight call by revathi to karthik / trying to sing like karthik.. Exactly that is how possessive some men are! Awesome.. He is a cut above all.

It clearly portrays the true friendship existing between Karthik and Revathi. When you have a true friend like Mano, you would obviously share every detail with him. Such is the trust we have on true friends.

I love this movie for the beautiful portrayal of brother - sister relationship between Revathi and Nagendra Prasad. I love this particular dialogue Prasad says to revathi "yenaku ammava romba pidikum, yen theriyuma ? Unnai enaku akkava kuduthangale athukaga "

Yes, when a girl marries a man, she sacrifices so many things for him, loving parents, siblings and friends etc., on the only hope that he would keep her happy throughout :) Rest is with you guys !!!!!


  1. I missed it....!! Dont see TV much but when you miss some film like this which you always wanted to see, it hurts.....!! Will target to make it in due course.....

  2. Thanks a lot for your comments Suren.. It is a very good movie.. We learn lots about relationships..