Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Moments of Joy

We celebrated our department's fourth anniversary celebrations yesterday.. So what's the excitement in that ??? Let me list down my joyful moments one by one :

1. I am one amongst the proud members of the initial launch team. Currently there are only 5 members (Department strength is 300+) and its great to be a veteran :)

2. We had our Big Bs as chief guests and guess what ?? I was the MC (Master of Cermony).. When my boss called me to inform this,i hesitated initially, but then he convinced me saying that it was my Big Bs wish (Looks like he said - 'Leave it to Lavanya, she will take care') and i enjoyed each and every moment of the event !

3. The whole event management was coordinated by me and it is a delight to coordinate cross-functional / cross-locational (Chennai and coimbatore).. The teamwork and the cooperation extended by my friends were awesome :)Even though i was a bit nervous about things going smoothly, it turned out really well and all those hard work paid-off.

4. We had a twenty minutes video - "Secret of Success" and that was the highlight of the event !

5. I had prepared my speech in a rhyming manner and it was well applauded by the audience :) Interesting part is our cross-location audience were also able to hear it clearly.. I am very happy that i could deliver it effectively.

6. Highlight was my Big Bs speech. If he is interested in the event he will speak for more than 10 minutes (per my boss) and yesterday he spoke for 15-17 minutes.. He was all praises for our department's success, the arrangement/coordination etc.,

7. Finally my Biggest Boss personally congratulated me on organising it well :) Eventhough we don't expect appreciation, that one word of appreciation does wonders to your motivation levels. This further strengthens our conviction that, we should also be down to earth and pat others for job well done !

8. Last but not least, the man who trusted and gave me the assignment was beaming with happiness and that's what i need ! Nothing more :)

Sorry friends, if it looks like blowing my own trumphet.. I loved the moment and wanted to share my happiness.. Apologies, if it was boring :)

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  1. Good to know...It had been a great place of work in my "limited" experience too (yeah, I need to stoop down a bit in front of a VETERAN, right ??)

    The Big Boss is one man from whom I learnt maximum - in terms of clarity in communication AND process driven approach. IT was good to work in his close circuit and to know how much of a simpleton he is. Kudos to his leadership to add up to the spirit of the entire team.

    I can appreciate your sense of jubiliation. Carry on the same and your great work.