Sunday, November 14, 2010

Voice of Love - My Beloved Rajan

As mentioned in my earlier posts, i came to know about Rajan through frozen thoughts. Interestingly the unposted letters (a column in Frozen Thoughts) was sent as a forward mail by my friend and when i just searched in google for info, i was taken to Frozen Thoughts, glimpsed the site info for a while and the next moment i subscribed to the magazine.

From then on, i have become an ardent fan of Rajan.

I started attending his webcasts on Sundays and now i am even more delighted to be his fan. The way he moves in the dias, he hugs everyone with a passion.. Amazing man.

I just want to share a few thoughts of Rajan with you all, coz everybody does not get to see/hear the God and those who does, wants to keep the experience all to themselves.. I want to share my joy and delight with you..

Not flattery / sermons.. Attend his session once, you will write more than me !!!

Key learnings today :

Have a Horizontal Exposure and Vertical Expertise

You are a Miracle - Your whole being is a miracle, In this entirety of Universe, you are a speck of dust, but there has been noone like you and there will never be !
You are rare, You are original, You are the master's piece and hence a masterpiece. So don't try to live like others / duplicate others. Be real !

Think the thoughts that can give you progress

Expand your mind - NOW

Leadership is WITH people and not ON people

Last but not the least, the beautiful prayer :
Day by day in every way, I am becoming more and more - Healthy, Wealthy, Loving, Blissful and Enlightened.

(Please note the present continuous tense form. Neither future nor past, always use present continuous)

Attend his sessions, you will feel the vibration and transformation..

Loving you Rajan.. Excited to be alive :)

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