Monday, January 24, 2011

Mesmerising and meaningful song from Eesan

Recently i heard this mesmerising song and i really don't know what hit me.. It had such an impact that i kept thinking about the lyrics, its inner meaning and the life of those involved..

The song is "Jilla vittu Jilla Vantha". Music by James Vasanthan.

So whats there in the song that's haunting me ??

Amazing lyrics..Every line has something in it. The plight of a father in bringing up girl children, the institution of marriage wherein the girl does not have a choice in selecting her suitor, the useless/impotent husband, the strugglings undergone by the woman to save her husband and to survive, beautiful portrayal of a woman who does not have the appropriate man to protect her, her vulnerability to men who are ready to pounce as soon as they have their way, the conflict between mind and breadbasket (tummy) and the emergence of tummy as the winner just to support her family's survival.. Oh My God.. My heart really goes out to her..

Yes, it is not just a character in a movie - The woman exists in our society. She is amongst us. Every woman faces atleast one facet of this plight. It is an excellent portrayal of the predicament of lonely women who are struggling to survive amongst these opportunist beasts.

What else other than lyrics ? The excellent music that gracefully complements the lyrics. The beautiful choreography for a folk song, and again that goes well with the entire theme of the song.

The moment where she pauses after :

" ஒரு சானு வயித்துக்குத்தான் எல்லாத்தையும் விக்கறேன்,
நான் எல்லாத்தையும் விக்கறேன்.
இப்ப இங்க நிக்கிறேன் , என் கதைய முடிக்கிறேன்"

Amazing silence and then she slowly wipes up the rolling tears and starts to cheer up the crowd by dancing.. Even till the last moment her concern was others happiness !

I salute womanhood !!! We are fighters and we are survivors. Nothing can stop us !!!


  1. I love this song! thanks for the lyrics:-) thank you very much!

  2. Great Song and Thanks for explaining the lyrics.. i didn't know the meaning when i heard the song but i was always doubting that it must have a greater meaning. thanks very much once again for explaining.

  3. Its really grate to listen one of my classmate who happens to be Tamilian explained the lyric i'l be happy if any one could translate in to English will do it for Telugu really got upset after watching this song will watch this move thanks at least you could explore this song ..really amazing song .thanks once again