Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Shocking Appraisal !!!

Hey what ? Got surprised by the title ? Ok.. Cool.. I am not going to narrate my appraisal experience..

I love to watch this Vijay TVs super singer shows. One of them is junior superstar.

It was the elimination round and the juniors were standing with their partners. One by one, the pairs were sent off to the safe zone and there were two pairs in the danger zone of elimination.

One of them was Nithyashree and Asif. We all know how well Nithya performs. Her partner was Asif and he was also doing good. They are in the danger zone and that's ok.. Ups and downs are there for everyone.

What really shocked me was the comments given by one of the judges - Malgudi Shubha.
Shubha is known for her cool approach towards the kids and i really didn't expect that blasting from her.. Ok, so what was the comment.. "Nithya, you are very good as a singer, but you need to respect your partner. You need to consult your partner, understand his difficult areas and choose songs accordingly. Next time when you perform the song should have been chosen by both and both should have the comfort level. Asif is a natural singer and he is very good. You are selecting songs based on your voice and doesn't keep him in mind".. and so on..

My God, what's this ?? Is this an appraisal for a 10 year old ? Shubha, you very well know that the whole world is watching, you also know that the little child might not have that much say in the selection of songs, being a mom you also know how the little one would feel on hearing such cruel comments.. Why on the hell, did you do this ??

You should have seen the reaction of the little one. The child just said "Yes mam. I will work on that". Oops, what a maturity level. I am just placing myself in that scenario of appraisal.. Would i have accepted these cruel comments with such grace and maturity or would i give such comments to my sub-ords ?? What would be their reaction if i give such a cruel and inappropriate feedback - They will either drop their papers or get demotivated and loose the natural abilities they have, go deep into a stage of mourning and loose all charm and liveliness.. My boss would have taken a blasting lesson on leadership to me !

Inter-personal skills are not just for corporates Shubha, it applies for every human being. You really need to self-analyse and place yourself in Nithya's position and see.. She is a kid, dammit.. Every bloody soul in this earth has dignity and you need to respect that, not play with feelings on a world-wide show like this. Please understand !!! There is a way to tell the areas of improvement !

We live to enjoy and cherish everything around us and please don't spoil the flower in the budding stage.

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