Friday, February 11, 2011

Darling's Birthday !!!!

Wondering Who's that darling ?? It's me :) Yes, today's my birthday and who can love me more than myself??? (Not blowing my own trumphet, but i do love me lots)

The day was filled with wishes from my loved ones and i am on cloud nine.. It feels so good when your loved ones (friends, relatives, all), remember your bday and wish you !!! Nothing can be compared to those blissful moments !

Ok, enough !! What's the speciality ?? In numerology, number 11 has its significance and my DOB also happens to be complete zero challenge.

I also share my birthday with some celebrities :)

11 Feb 1847 - Thomas Alva Edison
11 Feb 1917 - Sidney Sheldon
11 Feb 1917 - T. Nagi Reddy
11 Feb 1970 - Alistair Campbell

and .. and....

My love MJs son - MJ Junior - 11 Feb 1997..

Ok.... As a true Aquarian, i love to maintain my individuality and full of dreams and hopes..Lets see what this year has in store for me :)

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